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DiktionOne has been mastering and perfecting his skills as an artist and MC since the early 2000's. DiktionOne is inspired by the development of the Australian Hip Hop scene from local artists to the pioneers of the industry Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso and Drapht. The success of the for-mentioned artists has fueled his ambition to pursue music as a career.

"Music is my way of expressing who I am. The music I make is an honest, defenseless and intimate glance into my life. It helps me express my emotions and process the ups and downs of life. Without it I’d be lost, it’s as simple as that. I believe it’s my ability to put into words both the joy and the pain I experience in life, that enables people to relate to my music."

DiktionOne has built a strong and supportive fan base over the years. The support received was highlighted by the success of his debut recording ‘Drops of Ink’ (2011). A free mixtape that with no promotion or marketing saw 3 tracks played on national radio, most excitingly Triple J. Graff Art Crime was a standout and has received over 45,700 plays on Youtube along with being was voted no. 19 in’s definitive list: ‘The 25 Best Songs about Graffiti’.

DiktionOne spent 2012 writing and recording his debut studio album ‘Cardboard Crown’. The album showed a level of maturity and quality that is often not found on a debut album. It delivered a fresh take on hip hop that remained true to the art while still sounding original. Cardboard Crown was received well by fans and critics alike. 5 tracks received national radio play with Triple J adding several to rotation on the Unearthed playlist. With several sell out launch gigs under his belt and the release of film clips, Sunny Days and The Thunder Within, DiktionOne had become well know in the Melbourne Hip Hop scene.

In mid 2012 DiktionOne was approached by Melbourne and Australian Hip Hop heavyweight, Obese Records and asked to contribute a song on the highly anticipated 10 Year Anniversary Compilation: Obesecity 2. With Cardboard Crown and Obesecity 2 under his belt, and commanding live performances with every show, DiktionOne knew it was time to begin work on a new project. He took some time away from the scene in late 2013 - early 2014 so he could focus on how best to approach the new release.  The Get Up is the culmination of DiktionOne's ambition, hard work and determination that will make his mark in the music industry. The Get Up delivers an unfiltered view of the world through the eyes of a man just trying to make it by. The title The Get Up gives reference to the graffiti and hip hop culture that gave birth to DiktionOne. It is a statement of who DiktionOne is not only as an artist but also as a person. 

“I really dig that 90’s vibe, but it was 90’s vibe without it being dated, the guy has something to offer.” Hau Latukefu, Host Hip Hop Show, Triple J