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The Get Up is the culmination of DiktionOne's ambition, hard work and determination that will make a mark on the music industry. The Get Up delivers an unfiltered view of the world through the eyes of a man just trying to make it by. The title The Get Up gives reference to the graffiti and hip hop culture that gave birth to DiktionOne. It is a statement of who DiktionOne is not only as an artist but also as a person. 

The Get Up - T-Shirt

- 12" Vinyl - Full Album

- The Get Up T-Shirt (L or XL)

- Digital Download Card

​- Hard Copy CD

- Turnstyle Records Sticker Pack

- Cardboard Crown Digital Download Card

- Three Days in the TOMB Mixtape 

   DiktionOne, DJ Rellik, Paul Marz

   ft. Alkaholiks



       Muma Doesa

$190 VALUE for $100.00


Digital download available through iTunes. Option of purchasing album or individual songs.

The Get Up - Ultimate Pack

iTunes Download

The Get Up T-Shirt will be available in 2 sizes, large or extra large. Size to be selected upon check out.

(Includes digital download card.)

Vinyl's are screen printed by DiktionOne & Dj Rellik, each being unique in their own right.

CD - The Get Up

Hard Copy Jewel Case CD.

Includes signed copy from DiktionOne & DJ Rellik.


12" Vinyl - FULL ALBUM